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Service de gestion de la marina

Sea Alliance marina management is backed by a full range of management skills, and dedication to the benefit of marina owners worldwide. We provide ongoing management of marinas after constructing them, as well as management of existing marinas that were not built by Sea Alliance.


Our marina management brings added value to marina owners in the following ways:

Marina Equipment Acquisition:
Sea Alliance draws on a worldwide network with suppliers to secure quality equipment at the best prices. Wherever possible, we integrate advanced technology and computer-controlled equipment to further increase the efficient and profitable operation of the marina.


Marina Maintenance and Repairs:
Our knowledge of the maritime equipment installed in the marina enables us to spot potential problems during routine inspections, and apply quick, cost-effective solutions to keep the facility running well. Sea Alliance also pays close attention to weather conditions, adding special inspections after storms to take care of any storm damage.


Administrative Support:
Sea Alliance can handle all aspects of financial and daily operations: licensing, insurance, expense accounting, legal issues, coordination with local authorities and emergency teams, and more.


Personnel Management:
Over 30 years of experience have given us knowledge of how many and what kind of people are needed for efficient management of the facility and the services being provided. Sea Alliance handles the recruitment and training of personnel for security, maintenance, customer service, event management, and administrative services of the marina and/or related seaside real estate.

As part of the Sea Alliance Team, Sea Alliance draws on a collective pool of networking and bargaining power to provide every management service in a timely, cost-effective manner.